What We Care About

At MCEC, we are passionate about supporting healthy individuals who can contribute to productive communities. Our programs and services give us the unique opportunity to impact individuals and communities in positive ways.



Because education is a key ingredient a great future, the MS Community Education Center partners with reputable schools and education providers in Mississippi to achieve results.





Community Education / Lifelong




Lifelong learning is at the heart of the community education philosophy which encourages people to help themselves  while raising the quality of life in their communities.


We recognize the important roles that fathers should play in their children's lives and work to cultivate a sense of responsibility in fathers.

Healthy Families

MCEC believes that healthy family units play a huge part in a productive society. Everything we do focuses on healthy families.

Responsible Parents

Parenting is hard. Our parenting programs focus on parents as responsible leaders of the family.


Positive Youth Development

Giving our youth the knowledge they need to be able to develop into responsible citizens is at the heart of our youth development programs.