*For Immediate Release

By: Jenny Cox

Mississippi Community Education Center (MCEC) believes that investing in the unique needs of Mississippi’s students paves the way for a brighter future for the next generation of leaders. Mississippi has students with vast talents and gifts, but for those students with learning differences the educational setting creates obstacles for even the most dedicated and driven student. Students with learning differences or social challenges make exceptional strides even in the face of adversity.


Kyle Nobles, Workforce Development Trainer with Mississippi Community Education Center, said, “Pre-Employment Transition Services will provide opportunities for students related to job exploration counseling, opportunities for enrollment in post-secondary education, workplace readiness training and instruction in self-advocacy. Teachers and parents should be excited because students will not only learn the skills necessary to attain a job, but also the interpersonal skills to keep that job.”


MCEC’s staff provides Pre-Employment Training Services for free to eligible students with disabilities. MCEC looks to provide resources of hope for students to become more self-sufficient with career opportunities after high school. For students in public and private schools with learning differences, MCEC can offer Pre-Employment Training Services in five (5) specific areas such as: job exploration counseling, workplace readiness training, workbased learning experiences, counseling on comprehensive transition of PSED enrollment, and instruction in self advocacy. These services are designed to help students begin to identify career interests that can be explored. Pre-ETS activities may be provided in a group or generalized classroom setting to potentially eligible students and/or an individualized setting to eligible students.


MCEC looks with optimism to a future of hope for the next generation of Mississippi’s leaders by nurturing today’s teens and students. “Mississippi Community Education Center is proud to partner with the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services, local school districts as well as Governor Reeves, to enhance workforce opportunities for Mississippians through specialized training for students,” Kyle Nobles said. Mississippi Community Education Center will work together with schools with the mission to create a path for a bright and promising future for all Mississippi’s youth.