*For Immediate Release

By: Jenny Cox

Mississippi Community Education Center (MCEC) State Street center located at 750 North State Street, Jackson, Mississippi now holds the twelfth and latest depot location for Mothers’ Milk Bank of Mississippi within their mother-baby room. Potential donors are asked to first call Mothers’ Milk Bank of Mississippi at (601) 939-5504 for an initial over the phone interview to see if they qualify. Donors are expected to be generally healthy and non-smokers. Once approval is received through the over the phone interview, then approval from the donor’s obstetrician and pediatrician is needed as well as having labs drawn at Mothers’ Milk Bank of Mississippi’s expense. After these steps are complete, donors are approved to drop off their donation at MCEC’s State Street Center depot location where their frozen milk will be kept in a freezer until couriered to Flowood, Mississippi for pasteurization.


Having this resource at MCEC will assist donors within the Jackson community by providing the option of less travel expense to donate. Mothers within this community with excess breastmilk now have an option of helping other ill infants whereas before this task would have required time and travel. Not only this, but having a depot location within the community will help bring more awareness to the benefit and need of breastfeeding. Statewide, having this depot will increase donor milk supply for all neonatal intensive care units and thus, will lead to healthier life outcomes for premature infants as well as reduce the mortality rate of premature infants. Mainly, donor milk reduces the risk for necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) that is oftentimes fatal to premature infants. Thankfully, MCEC’s State Street Center is now a part of this saving process by providing Mothers’ Milk Bank of Mississippi access to more donor moms to help more babies.


Who: Mississippi Community Education Center in partnership with Mothers’ Milk Bank of Mississippi, Guest Speaker Dr. Famuyide, MD, MPH,  FAAP, head of UMMC’s NICU, and Jamie Ford, RN IBCLC 


What: New Mothers’ Milk Bank Depot Location


When: Wednesday, February 12, 2020, 10:00 a.m-11:00 a.m.


Where: Mississippi Community Education Center State Street Center, 750 North State Street, Jackson, Mississippi 


Why: Mississippi Community Education Center provides statewide assistance to Mississippi families on the journey towards prosperity by 1) closing the opportunity gaps in education, job readiness and workforce development; and 2) connecting the paths between the needs of each family member and the services available. 


About Mississippi Community Education Center: MCEC is a statewide, multi-generational outreach organization designed to empower and stabilize individual family units. Organized into five pillars (education, early childhood, families and children, job readiness and workforce development, and youth development) the organization strives to establish or reestablish strong foundations for the whole family unit, from grandparents to grandchildren. The organization offers its services free of charge.