*For Immediate Release

Mississippi Community Education Center Message to Clients Regarding Suspension of Services
Mississippi Community Education Center (MCEC) has been serving families and communities for many decades. MCEC’s After School Programs, Family Dynamics, and Workforce programs have played vital roles in the lives of many Mississippians, helping to reunite Mississippi families, assisting parents in their search for meaningful employment, and helping those struggling with addiction get back on their feet. A key component to the delivery of these services were the Families First Resource Centers.​
Last year, MCEC was again awarded grants to continue these critical community services. Unfortunately, these awards were later suspended. During this time and up until last week, MCEC continued providing services to the community without assistance and reimbursement. 
This past week, in addition to lack of funding, MCEC was notified it must vacate facilities where MCEC provides these community services and programs.
As a result, MCEC will not be able to provide services to our foster parents, addiction recovery clients, resource parenting clients, child protection services clients, partner referred clients, court ordered clients, MDHS referred clients, and walk-in clients going forward. 
Unfortunately, MCEC does not have any information to provide at this time as to how these services will be provided going forward but MCEC will have to close the following programs effective immediately:
  • The 750 State Street Food Pantry and Clothes Closets
  • Computer Labs (including job search, online diploma work)
  • Resume writing
  • Learning Resource Library (including educational toys, puzzles and games, children's books)
  • Anger management classes
  • Resource parenting recertification classes
  • Safe Sleep Initiative (education on safe sleep practices and free pack-and-play)
  • Mother's Milk Bank Initiative
  • Resource Parenting Classes in the following counties: Forrest, Hancock, Harrison, Hinds, Jackson, Jefferson Davis, Lincoln, Lauderdale, Madison, Pearl River, Stone, and Warren. 
MCEC is operational and will continue to operate its after school and reentry programs. 
For questions about these ongoing MCEC programs, contact Cassandra Williams at info@mscec.org.
For questions regarding the services previously offered through MCEC, please contact the Mississippi Department of Human Services. For those of you who were court ordered to attend MCEC supported classes, please contact the office of the judge who signed the order to discuss your potential options. 
We sincerely regret having to close these programs and the inconvenience it creates for the families we have proudly served for many years.